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Social Drumming is a method which is based on the joy of music that people can share by drumming together.
Playing on drums is an elementary activity. When improvizing with these instruments, musical elements of tone colour, volume and tempo can be developed freely. In a relaxed atmosphere potantials of creativity and musical expression can be activated and the group can accomplish an attractive musical result within a little while.
Social Drumming does not require certain musical or technical skills.
Games and practise which are part of Social Drumming can support the training of social skills: attention, awareness, cooperation, responsibility and flexability.

The method of Social Drumming can be devided into two parts:

Permanent Drumming
Permanent Drumming is a concept where drums are played over a longer period of time. At the same time the person who is responsible for the leadership is giving in games and practice that structure the music and the activities of the group. Most of the games and practice can be explained not only by words but also through imitation, gestures and facial expressions. Part of this repertory also includes voice, other instruments, bodypercussion, movement, dance and scenic play. Additional relaxing practice build a counterpole to the lively drumming.

Besides the Permanent Drumming there can be phases of practice in which a performance is prepared.The aim of this performance is to share the joy of making music with an auditorium.

Target Groups and Reqirements
One can work with Social Drumming e.g. in the fields of education, social education, special education, therapy, social and cultural work. This method is suitable for children, adolescents and adults.
There is one important requirement for Social Drumming: Every member of the group should have a drum with a height of at least 55 cm (22 inches). This drum should be played with hands.

The basic ideas and structures of Social Drumming have been developed in the music therapy with children in a psychiatric unit of a children`s hospital and in the field of education and cultural work. The theoretical basis is documented in different publications and in a book.
The further development of Social Drumming now takes place in the Music Department of the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Applied Sciences, Fulda/Germany.




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